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2006 Van Duzer Vintners

ears ago we were introduced to the fine tasting wines of Van Duzer at Houston’s; a great restaurant down in Orange County that has an amazing beef dip sandwich. Houston’s is a chain restaurant with multiple locations, one in Napa Valley called “Rutherford Grill” and several others in various states and cities. (Santa Monica, Manhattan Beach, Denver, Etc.)

Anyway, our first experience with Van Duzer was very memorable. Ever since then we’ve been ordering bottles straight from the winery up in Oregon. Several years and many bottles later, we have yet to have a bad or even mediocre wine from Van Duzer. (these wines have made great birthday and anniversary gifts so store it in a wine cooler by reading some of the wine cooler reviews online)

For the price, you can’t go wrong with this young, but very tasty bottle of Pinot Noir. It’s bright cherry and plum fruit flavors along with those subtle pinot spices make this a real value. Probably a great one to cellar for awhile too! Thanks Van Duzer!

Sad though, haven’t been able to find this wine locally. Have to pay for shipping. Uck.

From the winemaker:

This is the perfect house wine, a blend of six Pinot Noir clones that capture the grape varietal’s many nuances. Selected from newer vines on the estate following the warm summer of 2006, this full-bodied wine offers up a rich texture and abundant aromas of plum, spice, blackberry and blueberry. Flavors of black cherry, ripe plum and fresh garden herbs predominate.

Over time, Van Duzer has developed a winemaking process that is well suited to our vineyard. The grape clusters are harvested by hand, sorted for quality, then destemmed and placed into cold maceration tanks to extract bright colors and soft tannins. A variety of yeasts are used, each chosen to enhance and preserve the nature or ‘terroir’ of our Pinot Noir. When fermentation is completed, the wine is transferred to a mix of 35% new, 30% once-used and 35% neutral French oak barrels where it undergoes malolactic fermentation.

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