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Previously, VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) were a reserve for large companies and tech-savvy individuals who used the Internet mainly for business. However, things have changed and currently, almost every serious Internet user needs a VPN service. But why exactly do you need one? Here is why you cannot and should not do without one.

Protection from Hackers

The Internet is a haven for hackers and all sorts of cyber criminals who are constantly devising ways to get into your computer and steal your pertinent information. While it’s wise (and recommended) to have reliable anti-malware software along with a Firewall, these measures only protect your data while it is son the computer. Once your data is in transmission over the Internet, it is prone to attacks if it is not protected. A VPN service secures your data while in transmission through encryption. This way, intruders cannot eavesdrop on your communication.


More than ever in the history of the Internet, there has never been as much need for anonymous browsing as there is currently. One of the main reasons to subscribe to a VPN service is to be able to browse the Internet anonymously. There are many best vpns for torrenting available online.

Anonymous browsing allows you to conceal your IP address so that neither your location nor your real identity can be traced. There are many people who would love to know what you’re doing online; some for harmless but irritating reasons while others for malicious purposes.More Link

android vpn

Your job didn’t provide you with a laptop. Or a tablet. But you need to check your email or make a few quick changes to that presentation you’ll be giving in the morning. What are you supposed to do? Thanks to VPN, you can connect to your company’s network securely using your Android smartphone.

Server Side

If you want to connect to your work computer from the comfort of, well, anywhere, your business must have a VPN server configured on the network. If your company allows remote access, chances are high that there is a VPN server set up. (Check best vpn kodi Now )

Before you can connect, you need to know which protocols are used by the VPN server. Typically, they will be one of five: SSL, SSTP, IPsec, L2TP, or PPTP. The VPN client software on your Android smartphone has to support the protocol used for all of this to work correctly.More Link